4 Steps to Turn What You Do Into Something You Can Sell

4 Steps to Turn What You Do Into Something You Can Sell

We are such a complex people, we create the most elaborate of ideas to avoid simply getting things done.

Ever fell into a trap like this?

  • A tiny seed of an idea
  • Start creating your new offer or product
  • Get it 90% done
  • Inspiration strikes!
  • The concept is bigger so now I’m 50% done
  • Bigger inspiration strikes!
  • The concept is huge so now I’m 25% done
  • Decide it’s too big to be done now
  • Idea gets shelved

I used to have a TON of these, and while a few of them made it to the finish line and made some decent profits most of them were lost opportunities. Or more accurately opportunities that were picked up and made profitable by someone else.

It doesn’t need to be huge to be profitable but before it can be profitable it needs to be finished so you can sell it!

  Give it to me

When you are or if you are in this situation give this a shot

  1. STOP and Define your parameters
    • How fast does this idea need to make you money?
    • What is your available capital? Set your spending threshold, if you can’t fund it you can’t build it.
    • Define what you DON”T want to do. For example, if your idea requires constant travel and you don’t want to be on the road all the time don’t create something that will require constant travel.
  2. Make a list of every reasonable deliverable your idea can produce
    • Be inclusive, throw every idea on the table, even the “crazy” ones
    • Identify the delivery method for each idea
    • Identify the value proposition of each idea
  3. Remove any deliverables that
    • Have a longer than desired ramp up time
    • Have a higher than desired cost
    • Are in conflict with your personality
  4. Do it!

Sounds too simple?  Nope!  Even with the no go’s removed I’m betting you still have at least a few viable options that you can get working on today

Choose the 1 thing you are going to do and get on it, right now.  It won’t happen overnight but if you commit to it and walk steadily toward it every day you will get there so much faster than you imagine.

Changes are what you choose will be simple, great!  Whenever you think simple might not be enough remember, there is a billionaire out there because he created the water noodle.

Give it to me