SIMPLE Marketing That
Makes Money

SIMPLE Marketing That
Makes Money

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If you are outsourcing your marketing or sales process, buyer beware!

There are lots of great companies out there that handle brand marketing and Facebook Ads but just because it’s a popular topic right now doesn’t mean anyone can do it.

To avoid wasting a ton of money on your marketing, whether you do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you, make sure you stick to these rules.

  1. Be Honest!
    This sounds lame but the truth is making a come back. People, and that is who we are dealing with at the end of the swipe or keyboard, are smart.  They can spot a fake a mile away.  Be honest as you begin to build a relationship with them.  The reason everyone hates the super slick car sales guy is that he’s an ass, don’t be that guy!
  2. Be Consistent 
    In any relationship, we establish patterns from the very beginning.  If you are known for being consistent and having integrity you will find it not only easier to sleep at night, you will find that the quality of your clients increases when they know what to expect from you and trust you will deliver it.
  3. Be You!
    We are striving for perfection when we don’t need to. You are exactly what your ideal client is looking for!  Let them get to know you, they responded to you, don’t disappoint them by pulling a switch on them after they’ve expressed interest in you and how you can help them.
  4. Be Valuable
    Don’t try to make your funnel fancy, instead make it valuable.  Tell people what you have to share with them and why they need it, reaffirm that they need what you are giving them and then give it to them.

We are dealing with real people at the end of our marketing campaigns. Real people who are looking for a solution to a problem.  Real people who are hoping we have the solution. Be you and give them what they need to help them take the next step with you!